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A tragic story of a sweet little girl

Here is a tragic story of a sweet little girl whose parents were involved in a bitter custody battle. The little girl, Keira, is now dead. Her mother believes Keira’s father killed himself and Keira as courts were about to reduce his parenting time. The Halton Police are investigating. Keira’s parents separated when she was not even one year old. The courts repeatedly chastised Father for lying and defrauding the Court. Still judges tried to blame both parties equally and asked them to get along. Is that fair when one party is so unreasonable. Take a read and see how the Family law has descended to such a tragic state and how courts failed this little girl. Keira’s mother is a doctor who is now married to a Family law lawyer. If their combined financial and legal resources were unable to protect a sweet little girl, Keira, who can? A very sad reading that must force us to reflect on our Family Law courts, judges, lawyers and lack of alternate resources. As a Family Law lawyer I see such stories far too often. We must strive to reform our legal system which is cumbersome, expensive and super slow. #FamilyLaw #Divorce #Custody