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Cloths Drive For Mental Health Patients

Mental health patients are often stigmatized, ignored and often abandoned by their own families. Though a large number of individuals suffering from mental illness are capable of managing small jobs while receiving treatment in the hospital and continue to make significant progress when discharged from the hospital, many of these patients are unable to apply for or hold meaningful jobs due to a lack basic necessities such as clothing.


At Dhillon Murthi Law Professional Corporation, we organize an annual drive to collect gently used adult clothes and shoes for patients at various regional mental health hospitals.

Donations of gently used clothes and shoes offer mental health patients with much needed help to earn a livelihood and rebuild their lives.

Drishti Panjab

Drishti Panjab is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of education and sustainable living. In 2010, Harminder Dhillon, the founder and Board Member of Drishti Panjab, assembled a group of Panjabi professionals, who themselves have benefitted from the excellent educational institutions of Panjab and want to give back to their land of origin by pooling their resources in order to make a contribution to the Panjabi community. Some of these contributions go towards assisting young people across Punjab to excel academically or assist and inspire individuals to implement farming strategies that will promote sustainable living and environmental awareness.


Every year the foundation gives out as many as 20 scholarships each in the amount of Rs. 50,000.00 to outstanding and meritorious students, who have overcome insurmountable obstacles, personal, social and financial, to rank among the top students in the State of Punjab.


Please visit our Facebook page for more information on this organization.


College Bursary for Crown Ward Youth

Harminder Dhillon has instituted two annual bursaries for youth who had been under the care of the Children’s Aid Society (CAS).


The bursary goes to a young woman who has beaten the great odds to reach post-secondary education level.

Community Outreach

Harminder Dhillon makes several presentations throughout the year in the areas of family, mental health and wills and estates law to groups such as victims of domestic violence, members of the senior population and individuals suffering from mental illness.

He regularly appears as a guest speaker on various community radio and television stations, call-in shows and community seminars.