Dhillon Murthi Law

Dhillon Murthi Law P. C.

Dhillon Murthi Law P. C. in Mississauga, Ontario, represents clients with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our team endeavors to craft legal strategies and remedies to ensure that our clients are provided with quality legal service, reflecting their unique life stories, needs and complexities of their legal matter .

The lawyers and other staff at Dhillon Murthi Law are dedicated, focused and understand that each and every client deserves a lawyer who acts in their best interest about us.

Our Practice Area

Family Law

Professional Corporation recognize that the practice of family law is a unique field.

Real Estate

Team recognizes that purchasing a home can be the single largest investment for most of our clients.

Wills & Estates

It recognizes that a will is the single most important legal document our clients will ever create.

Child Welfare

A comprehensive legal solutions to parents or guardian who are faced with child protection proceedings