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Decision-making responsibility was previously referred to as custody. Decision-making provides for how major decisions on behalf of a child will be made. This includes decisions relating

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Making A Will Can Save Your Family A Bundle

When Heinz Sommerfeld died in June 2017 at age 77 in a GTA nursing home, the lifelong bachelor — he had no children — left no instructions on how to distribute his wealth.After working

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Not All Wills are made equal

Open courts is the key principle of common law legal doctrine as justice must not only be done fairly; it should also be seen as being done fairly. The court records and court proceedings

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Does Taunting meet Cruelty Grounds?

The case Lesko v. Lesko, 2021 ONCA 369 presented a very interesting case where Husband bought a fixer upper property before marriage. Wife contributed no monies towards purchase of the

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A tragic story of a sweet little girl

Here is a tragic story of a sweet little girl whose parents were involved in a bitter custody battle. The little girl, Keira, is now dead. Her mother believes Keira’s father killed

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Electronic Evidence and Family Law

Electronic evidence refers video or audio recordings, emails, Facebook posts and cell phone recordings, amongst many other things. They are often useful to courts and can provide

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Wife of deceased terrorist can’t collect

Wife of deceased terrorist can’t collect on life insurance policy, Ontario court rules in a decision with broad implications for insurance applicants. The court ruled that the deceased

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Spousal Support

Spousal support is the payment of money from one spouse to another after a separation or divorce. The purpose of such support is to financially compensate one party if they are financially

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Guiding Principle

At Dhillon Law, our team is guided by a simple but important principle: access to justice must not be a privilege available to a select few; rather it must be a right available to all. As a

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