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Rupa Murthi


SR. LAWYER B.Sc. (Hons.),

J.D. (905) 673-7272 ext. (405)

rupa @DhillonMurthiLaw.com

Rupa Murthi obtained her Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Osgoode Hall Law School. Rupa also holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, both from the University of Western Ontario. 

After graduating law school, Rupa articled and practiced at small and mid-size firms serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). During this time, she gained a wide array of experience in all aspects of family law, child protection, as well as wills and estates and real estate. Rupa also worked at the Law Society of Ontario assisting fellow lawyers with practice management related issues to ensure that the public is well served by all lawyers. 

Rupa has  a wealth of experience representing clients throughout the Greater Toronto and surrounding areas before Tribunals, the Ontario Court of Justice, the Superior Court of Justice and the Court of Appeal for Ontario.  Her approach is  to attempt to resolve disputes outside of court where possible, and to litigate in the court system when no other recourse is available. She aims to provide clients with honest and strategic advice to allow them to make the best decisions possible. The following is a list of Rupa’s reported decisions:

BAM v. EAAMD, 2011 CanLII 60326 (ON HPARB)

Del Mastro v. Del Mastro, 2016 ONSC 7004 (CanLII)

De Cruz-Lee v. Lee, 2015 ONSC 1900 (CanLII)

De Cruz-Lee v. Lee, 2015 ONSC 2012 (CanLII)

Novikova v. Lyzo, 2019 ONCA 821 (CanLII)

Mann v. Mann, 2020 ONSC 2167 (CanLII)

R.N. v. C.S., 2020 ONCJ 282 (CanLII)