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Sask. high court upholds decision to not pay insurance to estate of man who died of drug overdose

Her son died from drug overdose. He had two life insurance policies for which he paid premium for decades. Both insurance companied refused to pay out as policies prohibited criminal activity. The companies argued he son died after possession of illegal drugs which he possessed and then consumed.

The court upheld insurance companies refusal. The court decision will have wide spread consequences across Canada and may complicate things as multiple jurisdictions legalize small possession.

Toronto landlord launches $1.6M lawsuit after city gave stranger approval to rent her condo on Airbnb

Toronto Landlord leased her condo to someone she had never met. Before she realized the tenant and her boy friend started leasing the condo on Airbnb without her knowledge and consent. The City of Toronto issued the boyfriend an Airbnb short term rental license to operate.

The owner discovered when condo neighbours complained. Now she has sued the City of Toronto and Airbnb for $1.6M for facilitating Airbnb business for a condo the client didn’t own or lease.

Ontario cottage prices have crashed by five to 60 per cent — where will they go from here?

Average sale prices plummeted from five to 60 per cent in the first quarter of this year compared with last, according to the annual cottage trends report from Re/Max Canada. Kenora and Lake-of-the-Woods, Peterborough and the Kawarthas, and Haliburton saw the largest year-over-year drops.

Many GTA residents had borrowed from home equity lines to buy cottages which they rented on Airbnb as a business. With economic slowdown, cottage rental business has dried up fast with many cottage owners sitting with empty cottages.

Family evicted from townhouse awarded $27.7K to be paid by the buyer after sale falls through

Buyers for a townhouse gave a 2 month notice to tenants as they intended to use the property for their personal use. Buyers had made a firm offer with no financing condition. Buyers claimed their mortgage fell through and the deal was not closed. The Seller rented the property at a higher rent.

The Tenants sued the Buyers and the Tribunal awarded the tenants $27,000 in damages, rent equivalent to a 12 month period.

Real Estate market is known where Land lords have made fake sales and fake notices so as to evict tenants and rent it at higher rents. Dangerous game for buyers or fake buyers.